Wednesday, 5 May 2010

There are Labour supporters I almost feel sorry for

Comedian and Radio 4 presenter, Mark Steel, for instance, heads his Independent Viewspaper piece: "Farewell to the Labour Party". He writes: "the odd poll creates a cruel whiff of hope, as if the surgeon's rung to say he can't find the rake so it might just be the shovel and the trowel.

"Most days the moment of optimism is dashed by the latest spectacular Labour nonsense, such as suddenly endorsing a vote for the Lib Dems in areas where Labour can't win. What's the Labour candidate in those areas supposed to do now? Presumably if someone on the doorstep says, 'You can count on my vote', they have to say: 'NO. Don't vote for me, I'm an idiot', and start Tasering their pets."

The weather looks as if it is against Gordon Brown as well, in Wales at least. Traditional political wisdom is that fine weather favours the party in office. The forecast for tomorrow includes showers.

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