Thursday, 17 June 2010

What Labour and Plaid believe in

Judging by Peter Black's report on the Queen's Speech debate in the Senedd, Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru cannot be separated in their unwillingness to help the low paid, would allow the basic state pension to decline in real terms, would continue to defy the courts over Equitable Life policy holders who have suffered losses, would not hold a referendum on the Alternative Vote system for elections to the House of Commons, would not give voters the right to recall their MP where they are guilty of serious misconduct, would not reform the House of Lords, would press on with the national identity database and cards, continue to separate and lock up the children of asylum-seekers, and are happy with the present system of financial regulation which allowed insecure and irresponsible banking,


Anonymous said...

Peter Black is an idiot. You only need to read some of his blog entries to realize that.

Frank Little said...

On the contrary, anyone who now trusts Plaid to deliver on election promises is an idiot.

What a pity you are not prepared to put a name to your comment.