Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Campaign for increased powers ramps up

The "Yes for Wales" campaign web-site is now up and running. However, the Opera web-browser, which is probably the most standards-compliant, does not render it in full. Safari is happy with it, and I haven't yet tried Firefox, but I would guess the web-site has been tested using only Microsoft tools. All right, so perhaps 90% of PC users in Wales default to Internet Explorer (by the way,  have the developers checked compatibility with IE5 or earlier?), but I feel that there could have been more thorough testing.

More positively, we should welcome the appointment of a senior public figure, from outside of the world of politics, to head the campaign. Roger Lewis may have to overcome some resistance in the parts of the nation furthest removed from Cardiff, who do not feel as empowered as those of us closer to the capital or as enthused by the handling code, but his previous experience in broadcast media should help.


Hen Ferchetan said...

Works fine with Chrome

Frank H Little said...

Fine with the latest Firefox, as well. Opera is clearly being extra finickety.

MH said...

Frank, I was having the same problem, but I've just updated to Opera 11 and Yes for Wales renders properly.

If anyone uses or wants to use Opera in Welsh, there isn't an official language pack, but I've updated my version and anyone is welcome to download it from here:


Frank H Little said...

MH, many thanks for that.