Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Social Democrats: heirs and step-heirs

Last Monday, there was a celebration of the founding of the SDP, whose thirtieth anniversary it is today. Although they gathered under the banner "The Class of 81: who are the true heirs of the SDP?" I have the impression from Chris Nicholson's report that the air was heavy with nostalgia and "what ifs". However, I did like Bill Rodgers' judgment of the heritage, that “the Liberal Democrats [are the heirs] – but the modern Labour party are the step-heirs”

I did try to get the leader of the SDP group on Neath Port Talbot council, Tony Taylor, to comment, but he has so far not responded to my email. I suppose, as the senior elected member of the party in the whole of the UK, he feels it right to maintain a dignified silence.

I cannot trace a contribution from ex-SDPer Polly Toynbee, either.

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