Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hungary going where some English Conservatives want to take us

There is a draft Hungarian constitution which is raising concerns on the part of European Parliament liberals and socialists. There are references to "the ideal of a unified Hungarian nation" in relation to Hungarians living abroad; curbing of the powers of the Constitutional Court; marriage and family defined to exclude single-parent families, cohabiting and same-sex couples; discrimination prohibited "selectively", as it does not cover sexual orientation; the life of a foetus is "protected from the time of conception"; religious references made to Christianity and its role in preserving nationhood; and the possibility to give additional votes to parents of minors.

One recalls Austria setting herself on a collision course with the EU after a government dominated by an ultra-nationalist party came to power. In that case, Austria blinked first. One hopes that the same goes for the Hungarians.

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