Monday, 23 May 2011


I hope the Western Mail does not mind me quoting in full the following letter from author Linda Ware, once of Plaid Cymru, but now declaring herself finished with party politics:

End this tribalism
SIR – First Minister Carwyn Jones has raised a fearsome spectre in his references to tribalism within Wales (“Going it alone – without ‘political tribalism’”, May 11).
I hope his words are heard loud and clear in the Labour-run Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, where talented councillors are barred from any serious decision making within the council, purely because they belong to parties other than Labour.
We have two glaring examples of talented, long-serving councillors, who have become over the years much valued members of the communities they represent. These councillors win elections time and again, with huge majorities, yet have never been given the opportunity to have a voice within this council. Surely the whole of Neath Port Talbot would benefit from individuals such as councillors Martyn Peters, Plaid Cymru and Keith Davies, Liberal Democrat, being given a voice within this council.
If the First Minister means what he says then surely he could start to dismantle the tribalism that is rampant at the Labour-run Neath Port Talbot council.
Cilfrew, Neath

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Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that someone of Mrs Ware's tallents in the political field (although misguided) should choose to drop her political activities.