Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Marine Conservation Zones

The Welsh Government will be going out to consultation in early 2012 (rather later than planned) on the identification of Focus Sites for marine conservation. It seems that these will form a long-list, from which will be drawn up a shorter list of Potential Sites, leading eventually to three or four highly protected Marine Conservation Zones. These sites will support ecosystem recovery, enhancing resilience, and should improve our understanding of the marine environment. Progress on the process is logged here.

The RSPB is asking us to watch out for the public consultation when it opens. The organisation says that this will be a great opportunity to speak up, save Welsh marine wildlife and help ensure a sustainable future for our fragile seas. In the meantime, it asks for support via its online "Stepping up for Nature" pledge at and writing to our Assembly Members to urge the Welsh Government to step up for Welsh seas.

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Anonymous said...

Very Informative Frank

I really don't think the general public keep too keen an eye on thise consultations from WAG; I specifically remember one consultation from the Parish Council on the Bay on Foster Parent allowances; the parish council asked all 22 local authorities and private fostering agencies in wales, but not the 2,000 odd foster parents in Wales.

Something else the public should be made aware of, is Planning Notifications, the BCBC is pretty easy to access, with a PDF of the Weeks planning applicaions being produced fairly regularly.

The vast majority of the Public in Maesteg missed the Planning Applicaion P/11/12/ful ... this being for the test drilling of the shale for methane gas under Maesteg.