Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cardiff Labour MP leads police commissioner election race

The announcement by Alun Michael tends to confirm my fears expressed here. His name recognition factor plus the support of the Labour political machine (unless a candidate more favoured by Victoria Street comes forward) makes him favourite to become the first police and crime commissioner in South Wales. Mr Michael is a Cardiff MP (though he will give up his seat if he is cleared to stand for the commissioner post) and is bound to be influenced by Cardiff priorities. There must also be a fear of a Labour-Welsh-Government - Labour-police-commissioner axis.

There is clearly a need for a high-profile independent contestant who can attract wide support across the region and across party sympathies.


Anonymous said...

I did notice that the Chief Constable of South Wales Police commented on one of the Welsh News programmes that he was all in favour of Elected Commissioners; knowing full well that it's likely to be a Labour Commissioner.

Perhaps the CC want's to put South Wales Police and Labour's relationship on a more official footing?

Frank H Little said...

Thank you for that tit-bit which I had missed. I couldn't possibly comment ...