Friday, 24 February 2012

More questions about charities

Conservative AM Darren Millar has raised the possibility that charities other than AWEMA overseen by the Welsh Government may be mismanaged. In this BBC report, he claims to have letters making such allegations.

In First Minister's Questions, Carwyn Jones responded to an enquiry from Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies as to whether one required a Labour Party card to obtain a public position in Wales, with a reference to the Nolan Principles and bluster that before devolution Wales had become a dumping ground for failed Conservative politicians. The First Minister may well have been factually correct, but he didn't answer the question directly.

There is video coverage here of Wednesday's debate on AWEMA called by Peter Black for the Liberal Democrats.

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Frank H Little said...

Those bolshie Jaxxlanders question whether is any effective scrutiny in Wales. I must say I sympathise with them on this one. I recall from the eve of devolution the high hopes of the IWA among others that the system of subject and regional committees would provide a model for other parliaments and lead to more transparency and better decision-making. One hopes that a future Welsh Assembly will take the hint from increased democracy in Westminster, and restore the committee structure.