Monday, 3 September 2012

County cricket fixtures

Glenn Moore in the Independent puts it very comprehensively. The seemingly random distribution in time of fixtures for the counties must put off the average cricket follower. Nor can it help cricketers keep themselves match-fit when there are gaps of a week or more between periods of hectic activity in matches of different formats.

The England and Wales Cricket Board is clearly taking seriously the fall-off in county match attendance. Earlier in the year they emailed known enthusiasts with a questionnaire on the subject. I have had my say and I hope there were many more respondents on the same lines.

The ECB may also care to look at the months during which cricket is played. Britain seems to be in a phase of hot dry springs and warm settled autumns with cooler, wetter summers. It would seem to be sensible to start the season a week or so earlier and allow time in September and October for replaying championship matches which have been rained off.

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