Sunday, 11 November 2012

One has to make a choice in the PCC election

Electing Police and Crime Commissioners is a backward step. That is not only the view of the Liberal Democrat and Labour parties, but also that of students of the history of the process in the United States. Police authorities, which the new posts will replace, may have their faults, but their constitution allowed for proportional representation of political views across a police region. The PCC system means that one man's (and throughout Wales, it is bound to be a man) views will prevail.

However, we must face the reality that PCCs will soon come into existence. If we care about ensuring the least bad option, we have to vote. It is tempting to spoil the ballot, but so far nobody has come up with a way of making sure that a mass spoiling registers with the government.

I believe in keeping party politics out of policing. I shall therefore be giving my votes to the independent candidates, even though both are based in the Cardiff region. My first preference will be Mike Baker, because of his relevant experience, though ideally the PCC should have business acumen as well.

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