Friday, 25 January 2013

Second-hand smoke

When Peter Black relayed on Facebook his blog post about the smoking storyline in Casualty, some FB friends cast doubt on the perception that smoking in the workplace affects the health of co-workers. I can offer some personal experience. For many years, I was an IT contractor. I was always glad to land a job with an insurance company, because these firms were the first to ban smoking on their premises. The big insurance companies are not known for their philanthropy, but are good at calculating odds assessing statistics and they would have had access to the best and latest relevant scientific data.


Tatiana Rodriguez said...

There is no doubt that second hand smoke is harmful for people, it will be good if all companies make their offices smoke-free by imposing ban on it, this will be beneficial for the workers and will also improve their performance.

Gavin Timothy said...

Well i disagree, smoking people needs nicotine to kill the cravings, if they won't smoke their work performance will reduce and i don't think it will be good for business.