Sunday, 1 June 2014

It's taken until now ...

... and in the most "westernised" nation in Africa, but the continent now has its first openly gay MP. He is naturally a member of South Africa's liberal party, the Democratic Alliance. Liberal International reports:

Speaking after he was sworn in to office, Zakhele Mbhele MP, said that he hopes his election will inspire others from the LGBT community to seek public office. Mr Mbhele said: “One of the most damaging things about homophobia is its destructive effect on a young LGBT person’s self-esteem. That was certainly one of the issues I grappled with when I was coming to terms with my sexuality in my teen years. Having more openly gay achievers in society can counter that damage by giving young LGBT people role models to inspire them to build their self-confidence and work ambitiously to achieve their dreams.”

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