Thursday, 17 July 2014

Labour leadership priorities

Ed Miliband's questions to the Prime Minister yesterday avoided the interim report commented on here on Tuesday. Does this mean that Labour have accepted the "bedroom tax"?

The interchange is in Hansard here. Note that the first two questions were about the froth of the cabinet reshuffle. Things improved with the next two, on poverty among working people and low incomes for young people. Then there was the tired hypocritical accusation of tax cuts for millionaires and a peroration which was not a question.

[Later] It appears that Liberal Democrats have stolen a march on Labour and also established clear golden water between us and the Conservatives. Some of us will see it as LibDem ministers finally paying attention to what party members have been saying for years, while the leadership will no doubt say it had to wait for the evidence as provided by the Ipsos/MORI report.

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