Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Aldi not environmentally conscious

 In what seems like a deliberate affront to the Ecology Building Society in its decade-old ecofriendly headquarters in Silsden in the Yorkshire Dales, Aldi has destroyed an ancient lime tree in razing the ground for a new supermarket next door. The case for preserving the tree seemed strong to me, but the bottom line is holy writ for Aldi and other foreign competitors for Tesco, Sainsbury and  Morrison. 

The minimal furniture of Aldi and Lidl stores is to be applauded, but their basic architecture, while saving on capital cost, must be as energy-efficient as the average shed. Tesco (as in its store at Llansamlet) has been at pains to reduce its carbon footprint. It would be a pity if this policy were to end as a result of a race to the bottom.

The picture is of Ecology HQ on the occasion in 2004 of the first open day after its occupation. The photo does not include the lime tree, but you can just make out the green roof

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