Monday, 10 November 2014

More on the Labour leadership

Chris Dillow explains the superstitious base of personality politics, very relevant to today's Labour Party, and Jonathan Calder sees Alan Johnson as the best replacement for Ed Miliband.

I agree with Calder that Johnson is a genuine person with a real hinterland, the sort of MP we should have more of. Moreover, as someone who is clear-sighted about his own abilities, he would probably delegate the task of acting as party spokesmen to those with more detailed knowledge of particular policy areas, and thus fulfil Simon Danczuk's call for “team politics with strong shadow ministers in the foreground".

However, the (to my mind unlawful) dismissal of a respected adviser on drugs policy when Johnson was Home Secretary betrays a less positive side to his character - a certain rush to judgment and possibly a quick temper, neither of which is good for a leader of a party, never mind the country. If Johnson is quick-tempered that would soon be exposed both in exchanges across the despatch box and in interviews with a largely hostile media.

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