Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Test of loyalty

If I were a British imam, I would feel slightly offended and more than a little insecure after reading Eric Pickles's letter. Although not as sharp as some of the headlines yesterday made out, it is the fact that it was sent out at all which is disturbing. A clue, perhaps, is the source. Mr Pickles was the Conservatives' election campaign guru before George Osborne took over. It was clearly intended as a signal to the Tory core vote rather than a serious attempt to communicate with a faith community. If the latter, surely it would have come from the Home Office rather than the Local Government department? Why are Muslims singled out?

There has been no similar missive directed to the large Hindu community, nor to synagogues - quite rightly so. If anyone's loyalty to the United Kingdom or to the British way of life is to be doubted, it is they who amorally take advantage of our over-liberal financial controls. Perhaps certain merchant bankers and multinational company executives should be reminded of their allegiance.

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