Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pressures against closer EU increase

European Conservatives are rejoicing at the results of last week's Danish general election. While the media here speculate on whether Helle Thorning-Schmidt will now spend more time in the Afan valley*, EU-watchers will speculate on the effect that a new populist/conservative coalition will have, one that is anti-immigration and pro-Cameron-style reforms to the EU. The two social liberal parties lost support, while the main economic liberal party, which will probably provide the next prime minister, increased its numbers. (It intrigues me that both the incoming Venstre and the outgoing Radikale are both affiliated to Liberal International.)

We await a response from Liberals and Democrats in Europe.

* my guess is that she will take heart from the fact that her social democrats actually increased their number of seats in the Danish parliament and will immerse herself in the fightback by the party

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