Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Kirsty Williams sets the tone for 2016

Today's speech was splendid and I wish I had been there to hear it. I would add only one thing: the Liberal Democrats are in a position to increase the party's representation in the Assembly. Labour's record in government is very attackable, particularly on health, as Kirsty pointed out. I also feel that Conservatives hit a high point in their general election success and will suffer as the economy - their USP - stutters in the next twelve months, pointing up how much the recovery was due to Liberal Democrat ministers in the coalition government.

There is one further factor, if the published opinion polls are to be believed. UK support for membership of the EU has reached an all-time high and we should gain as the party most associated with a positive attitude to the EU. The publicity associated with the Brexit referendum due also in 2016 will help.

I do not think we should be afraid of saying that our aim is not just to be in government again, but to be the leading voice in that government.

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