Sunday, 14 February 2016

Eric Lubbock, Baron Avebury

I hope the obituaries in the mainstream media will do this great Liberal justice. I would like to claim that I met him in the great days of the 1960s revival, but I just missed out. I had made the trip to Orpington during the general election campaign following his great by-election victory for a public meeting (they were still common in those days!) which I must have seen advertised in one of the two London evening newspapers. Eric Lubbock was in much demand for media events, so at the last minute his place was taken by his wife, Kina. It was still a great meeting and it occurred to me then that they must have been a formidable team.


Frank H Little said...

Jonathan Fryer adds some insights here.

Frank H Little said...

Yet more facets of this remarkable man were revealed at a memorial meeting on 22nd March. Liberal Democrat Voice has the report.