Friday, 16 September 2016

Spectacular LibDem by-election win

With acknowledgements to John B Grout

I report Liberal Democrat by-election gains only when they are spectacular - and this one was. It was in a ward in north-east Derbyshire where Labour has been strong and where there has not been much Liberal Democrat activity. The swing from Labour to LD - 35.3% - is off the scale.

It puts us all in good heart for the federal conference starting tomorrow. Aberavon and Neath LDs will be represented by our vice-chairman, Cen Phillips. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to attend this year but the feedback from conference gets better every year, so I shall not feel excluded. will be active again, there is to be a daily email update and I gather that for people with those smart phone thingies that there is an "app" giving coverage of conference.

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