Friday, 11 May 2018

Grammar Schools - consequentials?

Layla Moran, for many the Liberal Democrats' leader in waiting, has made the correct response to Mrs May's latest move to boost grammar schools in England:

We now know what we suspected: Justine Greening was moved on to make way for a lap-dog for Theresa May’s pet projects. Grammar schools are the wrong answer to the wrong question. This money should be spent on local schools so that every young person across the country can get the education they need to prepare for the future. The Government do not have the support for these proposals in their own party, never mind the country. They simply must listen to teachers and parents and stop wasting money on grammar school expansions.

Knowing government sleight-of-hand, this is unlikely to be new money. One wonders which budget has been raided to provide it. So it is unlikely to trigger any consequential grant to Wales, which has set its face against the tripartite system anyway.

There is a social consequential, though. These new moves are likely to increase the number of young people who see themselves as part of an underclass. I predict a rise in crime which could affect Wales as well as England.

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