Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The ills of the NHS/GIG: an outsider's view

A correspondent in Uruguay writes:

Juan Maleplate (my GP) had an expensive divorce in 2008 so applied for and 
got a job GP-ing in Liverpool. The salary was 6 times greater in Liverpool 
than here in Colonia Valdense. 

His contract was for one year renewable at 6 monthly intervals and after 
18 months of Liverpool he had amassed sufficient dosh to pay off his 
former missus so he packed in the job and returned to sunny Colonia.

Later I asked him about his Liverpudlian GP-ing experiences. He said that 
he felt that he was unable to do his job properly because of the excessive 
workload and the high stress levels imposed on GPs by the UK authorities. 
Because he loved doctoring, he returned to Colonia where he could enjoy 
doing his job once more.

The ministers of health on both sides of the Dyke must break this vicious cycle of doctors reluctant to become GPs because of the workload which results from too few doctors wanting to become GPs.

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