Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Two new party leaders

I regret that Jo Swinson did not promise to re-examine the rôle of seaborne nuclear weapons in UK's defence strategy (nor, of course, did Ed Davey) but if we have to have a prime minister with access to the relevant codes I would rather have a rooted wife and mother who is less likely to start a war than someone who has abandoned his family, failed to fulfil his duties as journalist, minister or even MP (how often has he attended the Commons since his re-election?) and treated the metropolis as a play-pen. Boris Johnson's mayoralty of London was made less than disastrous by having good people around him to keep him in check. Much depends on his choice of ministers. With so many recent resignations and refusals to serve, his pool from which to select is drying up. If he insists on choosing only hard-line Leavers, thus spreading the talent pretty thin, he is unlikely to obtain the confidence of the House of Commons. The traditional loyalty and cohesion of the Conservative Party will not come to his aid.

Jo has had an extra 24 hours to pick a shadow team. No rumours have emerged, which suggests that there will be no massive upheaval. However, she may have to retrieve portfolios from the Lords if the hints that more Members are about to cross the floor (or the gangway) have substance. Then there is the strong probability of Wales returning a Liberal Democrat again on 1st August. 😉

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