Friday, 19 September 2008

The Bourne Incident

News from the Western Mail that the leader of the Conservatives in the Assembly had a nasty fall in the shower while on holiday abroad. (Incidentally, there is a "Quick vote" on voting intentions on that page which you may wish to complete.)

I am reminded - quite unfairly, I know - of a similar report of a fast bowler on a MCC tour of Australia many years ago being prevented from playing in a test match because of such a domestic accident. In those more sensitive times, the tour management hushed up the true cause. It eventually transpired that the man had, so far from falling in the shower, slipped on a wet floor while on a conducted tour round a brewery.


Anonymous said...

Nice play on words Cllr Little

Frank H Little said...

Not perfect; there must be something more dynamic in the sequence "identity - supremacy - ultimatum". "Bourne Cataclysm", perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Bourne Lethargy!