Saturday, 6 September 2008

Vote for McCain, Palin and the Brits

Americans, ignore those whining environmentalists who are out to deny you your right to fly or drive across that great continent of yours any time you choose. Todd & Sarah Palin are working for BP to ensure that Alaska yields up every last drop of oil for you.

We fought alongside you in Iraq (maybe we were a minor partner in terms of men and materiel, but we did give your campaign respectability). So it's down to you to return the favor to British industry - vote McCain/Palin!

Remember when a great US general, Dwight D Eisenhower, when he was president, helped Anglo-Iranian Oil (as BP then was) get rid of the threat of liberal "democracy" ? Well, this war hero John McCain can put an end to the Islamic so-called Republic (hell, what kind of democracy is it that insists that you have to demonstrate your belief in a supreme deity before you can even run for election?) of Iran and restore the Peacock Throne. Good for you, good for the Persians and good for both our oil interests.

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair: renounce your token support for the Democrat party. Endorse the candidates you sympathise with in your hearts. Go for JMcC, SP and BP!

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