Friday, 23 January 2009

Buddy Holly

I generally avoid mentioning the pop music which moved me at the age when pop music most moves people (I leave all that to Peter Black and Jonathan Calder), drawing attention where I can to so-called classical music, which is underrepresented in the blogosphere.

However, there is a great article on Buddy Holly in today's Independent. It is a sobering thought that it is just ten days short of half-a-century since the life of one of the true pioneers of pop music was tragically and arbitrarily ended. I can't remember where I was when the news came through, but I do remember the impact of his last hit single, released posthumously in the week after his death. "It doesn't matter any more" showed that he was prepared to move with the times. If fate had not intervened, he would surely have remained at the top of the pop tree through to this century.

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