Thursday, 22 January 2009

Neath MP criticised by his Commons colleagues

The Evening Post story is here.

The statement that Mr Hain was exonerated tells only part of the story. Quoting from the Times story: "The CPS said that there was no doubt that the donations were not reported within the 30 days stipulated under legislation passed in 2000, but [...] that nobody involved in Mr Hain’s campaign could be prosecuted. [...] Mr Hain’s campaign was run by Hain4Labour, made up of Labour Party members and with its own bank account into which cheques were paid."

In other words, Mr Hain's campaign broke the law, but the powers-that-be could not find the right individual(s) to prosecute.

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Frank H Little said...

LibDem Voice has drawn attention to the fact that the Rt Hon Jack Straw has also been reprimanded for not declaring a donation, in spite of reminders. Labour made the rules, then they break 'em.