Sunday, 5 July 2009

Another synthetic attack by Labour

On top of the accusation of spending cuts planned by the Conservatives (as opposed to "challenges" to Labour ;-)), the Tories are now accused of homophobia. Today's Independent piece by Jane Merrick sums up the battle so far. MP for Rhondda, and Deputy Leader of the Commons, Chris Bryant went so far as to say: "If gays vote Tory, they will rue the day very soon."

But this concerted attack is disingenuous. No government (except one dominated by UKIP or BNP) is going to reverse the sexual reforms of the last decade, and the Labour spin-doctors know it. The worst that can happen is that further reforms will be held up, but here Labour seems to have lost its nerve also.

I wonder whether the campaign is designed not to woo "the pink vote", as the headline-writers have it, but to create dissension in the Tory ranks. Mandelson and co. may be banking on a reaction from rank-and-file Conservatives to the obligatory defence by Cameron of homosexual rights.

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