Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sarn Helen and motors

Chris Williams, of "Rights of Way Alliance Neath" has a letter in this week's Neath Guardian about a proposal to restrict access to Sarn Helen between Banwen and Aberdulais. Unfortunately, letters to that journal are not reproduced on the Web, but some flavour of his message can be got here.

If it were merely a matter of keeping motor vehicles off the ancient road, then I would have no objection. Roman civil engineering survived 18 centuries but was clearly no match for all-terrain vehicles. Even well-shod, walkers find it hard negotiating the churned-up pavement in places.

However, there is a suggestion that there is a long-term aim of closing the walk to all public access. I have even been told of people legitimately walking the the right-of-way being dissuaded from doing so. If this is so, then vigilance is needed to keep this marvellous scenic route open.

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