Friday, 7 August 2009

Flaming Sambuca sexual defence

There is a wince-making report in the Telegraph of a drunken British tourist getting his fishing-tackle out in a Cretan bar and a Greek woman who applied the ultimate deterrent when he wouldn't take no for an answer.

"the British reveller took down his trousers and started acting obscenely. He then 'forcefully fondled' the Greek woman, who has been dubbed the 'Cretan heroine' by local media.

"After asking him to stop harassing her, she told police, she poured Sambuca, an aniseed liqueur, on him.

"This again allegedly failed to stop his advances, so she seized a lighter and set fire to the alcohol, local press reports said"

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Anonymous said...

Drinking the stuff is bad enough, without having your meat and two veg flambé with the stuff