Friday, 28 August 2009

Home Office data loss worse than first thought

In August 2008, prisoner data on a flash memory device were lost by an employee of Home Office contractor PA Consulting. It transpires that not only were details of 127,000 people mislaid, as was first reported, but also 250,000 items of data from the Drug Interventions Programme. The report from ZDNet is here.


Anonymous said...


So these vulnerable adults (abeit Druggies) have had their personal details lost by the Home Office!

I see theres be a recent case in Caerau, Bridgend County of a Paedophile with a substancial history of sexual abuse of children living next to a school; everything is currently being done to keep his whereabout a state secret!

Frank H Little said...

Do you know for certain that the person in question is a child abuser?

There again, if the authorities were more open, then these subversive rumours would not cause so much trouble.