Sunday, 20 September 2009

Adam Price

It is left to Conservative Glyn Davies to comment on Adam Price's decision to absent himself from the party fray for at least the duration of the next parliament. I thought there might have been some reaction from the LibDem bloggers I habitually follow. Perhaps I am not reading all the right blogs.

My first thought was: what is Price running away from? He has escaped serious questioning about the use of his MP's communications allowance to help Welsh Assembly nationalist candidates. That is not likely to be brought up again, so that can't be it. It is more likely that Plaid anticipates a hung parliament after the next general election, and a deal with another party. History suggests that Plaid will not be too particular as to who that deal is done with, so long as it serves their narrow self-interest. Dissociating himself from a move which is almost certain to end in tears, to return and take over from a discredited leadership in 2014 when he is still young, would seem to be astute and in character.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Adam Price who put an expenses claim in for £293.75 from a firm of accountants for professional services appertaining to his expenses?

Alun said...

Why not just try taking it at face value. He's done nine years at Westminster - enough for anyone - and, as a Welsh nationalist, naturally wants to be an Assembly member. There are two ways to make the jump: stand for the Assembly whilst still an MP and then cause a by-election, or the way he's doing it which is much cleaner and gives him a bit of head-space. Simple.