Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Did Gordon Brown hold up the TUC?

Expecting to see TUC coverage on BBC-Parliament starting at 14:15, I was entertained by music which did not rise to the heights of Alan Price's mood music for the LibDems and a barely informative caption.

Could it be that the ten minutes was spent in hectic rewriting of Gordon Brown's speech?

Since the crucial parts have been trailed, and are being delivered as I write, one wonders what the problem was.

I am surprised at the claim that Brown is going to start building council housing again, at a time when there is no sign that New Labour is resiling from the Thatcherite drive to privatise council housing stock. Has he had a word with Rhodri Morgan? Has that word been passed down to Neath Port Talbot Council, which has postponed its tenants' ballot, possibly in anticipation of a change in policy?

Another statement, which may not be reported, is hugely debatable. Brown can hardly proclaim that UK is leading the way on green personal transport when Renault of France has made the most significant announcement of zero-emission cars so far.

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Anonymous said...

I think Brown is something of an irrelevance; he's yesterday's man.

He'll be out on his ear once the GE is lost by labour, the few remaining Labour MPs will be calling for his head!

There may be a job for him in Europe; cleaning the loos in Waterloo station or something.