Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Labour supporter uses WRU email system for fund-raising, and nobody is surprised

I did expect some reaction when BBC broke the story, so I didn't bother complaining here. However, I have just checked the aggregated Welsh LibDem blogs site, and it seems it has passed our activists by. I  can only assume that they are inured to this sort of thing from Labour.

A Welsh Labour spokesperson is quoted as saying: "Facing up to a Tory Party bloated by [Lord] Ashcroft's millions in the next general election will be a tough ask and Labour, like all political parties, needs to raise money." So that makes it all right, then.

Update: Betsan Powys has blogged the story.


Anonymous said...

Glyn Davies too!

Frank H Little said...

Yeah, I liked Red Rhondda's comment to Glyn Davies's posting!

Anonymous said...

This comment from Red Rhondda

"Pickering's Labourism isn't new, mun. He or his company funded Labour MEP Derek Vaughan's party nomination campaign, to the tune of £1,000, I believe. It's been on the Electoral Commission web-site for months. Where have the so-called journalists been? Didn't Ruddock get an OBE or something? Wonder who nominated him (not).

And the WRU has been run like a Labour council for years. Get wise, butty."

Or this comment

"Can I add a little more, please? You wrote, "In fairness to David, he recognised very quickly that he'd made a mistake and apologised". But today's Llais y Sais reports Nick Bourne, "it's sent from a WRU address and it has WRU fax and telephone numbers on it and the address of Mr Pickering's PA and the RSVP was to a WRU e-mail address". Ye, Gods! Pickering 'owning up' (when caught: so Labour) to using his employer's e-mail only is a bit underwhelming, I think. This has the hallmarks of an organised, deliberate move. His office seems inured to Labour. Perhaps his WRU bosses should check his other work e-mails to see if there are more? Wouldn't any employer have the right to be suspicious on this evidence so far?"


Frank H Little said...

Both, but especially the first. I'm still surprised that Freedom Central hadn't run with it. I suppose it will look like grabbing Nick Bourne's coat-tails if they produce something now.