Monday, 4 January 2010


It has been clear for some time that New Labour, in economic and foreign policy, was a continuation of Thatcherism.

Labour-Conservative coalitions, freezing out Liberal Democrats, are quite common in English local government. It is therefore surprising that no media commentator until now has floated the idea of a Con-Lab coalition after the next general election.

Jonathan Calder describes Martin Kettle's approach as whimsical. However, the comments on his Liberal England posting on the subject are very interesting.

I'm afraid that, unless there is a significant increase in the number of Liberal Democrat MPs at the general election, we are stuck with another five years of Thamablab (THAtcher-MAjor-BLAir-Brown) thinking.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the subject of this post I thought it was a new wonder-drug.

Where do the nationalist stand in all this? Will they ever have any influence in Westminster?

Frank H Little said...

The nationalists will side with whichever group would benefit them personally. Remember the way they supported John Major when he gave one of them a seat on that Euroquango?