Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Michael Foot dies

So swiftly after the news of the death of Winston Churchill, who would be remembered more as an effective MP if he were not overshadowed by his illustrious grandfather, comes the news of the death of Michael Foot.

He came from a great Liberal family, and still retained a liberal outlook on many matters, even after he had been bitten by socialism. He will sadly be recalled only as presiding over "the longest suicide note in history", after being elected as Labour leader when he was long past his best years - a serious car crash had not helped.

Hopefully, there is enough material in the BBC archives to show what a passionate and effective debater he was in his middle years.


Anonymous said...

Well spotted for noticing the death of Winston Churchill.

Noticed that the Brown Broadcasting Company didn't spend much effort airing that!

Frank H Little said...

It was through BBC Radio that I learned of the death of Winston Churchill. If Michael Foot had not died so soon after, I am sure Churchill would have had more coverage.