Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Reopened rail lines

 I have just taken delivery of "Britain's Growing Railway", a stylish and well-illustrated paperback listing the new and reopened stations in Britain since the 1960s. It is published by Railfuture, the campaigning name of the Railway Development Society.

There are noteworthy entries for both Cardiff-Bridgend via Barry ("Rails in the Vale") and the Ebbw Valley Line (Lein Glyn Ebwy). In both cases, estimated traffic figures were exceeded in the first year of operation. This should encourage WAG and the Office of the Rail Regulator to be more bold in future.

It's probably too much to hope for a reopening of Neath-Brecon, with a stop at Cadoxton, though!


Anonymous said...

I assume that there is still a route from Neath to Brecon?

If so, why shouldn't we have a rail link between these two towns?

If WAG is spending £9m on a Badger Cull it's obviously got money to waste, so why not spend it on something useful like transport infrastructure?

Frank H Little said...

There are difficulties. The line was constructed to lower standards than would be permitted today - for one of the tunnels, at least.