Friday, 30 July 2010

Go on, Govey, you know you want to

In an earlier life, Michael Gove was a TV journalist with attitude. There are a few clips on YouTube of Channel 4's "A Stab in the Dark", where he took the rostrum in turns with David Baddiel and Tracey Macleod. In this clip from 1993 (N.B. while John Major's Conservatives were in office), Gove interviews an armed robber (retired). Gove appears 6'36" in.

For an explanation of my title, listen to The Now Show tonight.

As to his education policies, let us just say that we in Wales should watch his experiments in England with interest. On the other hand, the Liberal Democrats' contribution to the coalition, the "pupil premium", looks promising, given the commitment to provide addtional funds for it.


Anonymous said...

"Go on, Govey, you know you want to" is referred to in The Now Show - but I still don't have a clue what they are referring to.

What's it all about?

Frank H Little said...


I think Punt & Dennis see him as a malevolent dummy.

Anonymous said...

Is this not a referene back to the original get Carter ?

Anonymous said...

"Go on, Govey, you know you want to" is a reference to the evil dummy Fats in the 1978 horror film "Magic".

rosepoet said...

'An evil dummy', not much change from his appearances on 'Stab in the dark', he was younger, fresher-faced, but just as dumb!