Friday, 2 July 2010

Welsh Assembly Government could have the power to eradicate badger in Wales

The Badger Order moved by the Welsh Assembly Government has more scope than the pilot area of Pembrokeshire which has been in the news, as this excerpt from Peter Black's blog makes clear: "the Welsh Assembly Government has passed an Order which applies to the whole of Wales and is unlimited in time whereas the consultation and decision to cull, and evidence provided in support of them, was based on an intensive action pilot area (IAPA) of approx 300 square kilometres. With such an Order in place there will be no requirement to justify or consult on any further decisions taken to kill badgers, whether in a target area or across Wales as a whole. [...] If this is set as a precedent in law, it could lead to the extinction of badgers in the UK.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised more isn't being made of this; where are greenpeace?

Japan harpoons Whales
Canada clubs seals
The Welsh.....ah, the Welsh, they kill BADGERS!

Anonymous said...

some people will not let this happen too smoothly and will scupper and make life difficult for those who kill this animal

Frank H Little said...

It seems that Elin Jones is having second thoughts about the "all-Wales" nature of the Order.