Friday, 3 September 2010

Footpath dead ends and new beginnings

The Ramblers' "Dead End for Walking?" campaign was launched recently, to warn of the risks to public paths from threatened cuts in local authority spending. The campaign web-site highlights areas in England where footpaths are under threat, but the same considerations apply in Wales. St Illtyd's Walk was already being starved of support before the current round of cuts, and there are threats to rights-of-way on Sarn Helen and connected footpaths. It is thanks to Cllr Steve Hunt in Seven Sisters that these concerns are kept on the agenda.

Having faintly damned our council, it is only fair to praise our Environment people for their participation in piloting Ramblers Cymru's "Communities on Foot" toolkit and creating the Community Walking hub at Glyncorrwg Ponds. The hub will be formally launched during the Corrwg Hills festival of walking, starting on the 12th September and lasting six days. The only thing missing is a grid reference for the centre: I make it 873985, and it's on OS Explorer 166 (Rhondda & Merthyr Tydfil).

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