Thursday, 18 August 2011

More on methane extraction

Liberal Democrat member Gary Lewis claims that Bridgend Council's Planning Committee has been misled regarding planning application P/11/12/Ful which relates to a test borehole with a view to extracting methane.He writes: "I have read the minutes of the meeting [Planning and   Development Control Committee Meeting - 7th April 2011]  and within them it clearly states:

'.......Countryside Council for Wales
Has no objection to the proposal and provided comments on the bird breeding season.'

Whilst reading the submission from the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) it clearly states that:

'Thank you for your consultation on the above development dated 12 January 2011. The Countryside Council for Wales objects to your proposals.'


'To conclude, we can give further views when provided with the information requested above. In the meantime, CCW objects to the proposal.'

and then goes on to list a number of items of legislation and concerns."

Gary has raised this officially and I await the appropriate body's response with interest.


Frank H Little said...

There was a development. The Countryside Council for Wales has written:

> Subject: Re: Planning application P/11/12/Ful Bridgend CBC
> Dear Mr Lewis,
> Thank you for getting in touch. Following the submission of our
> objection to this planning application, a habitat assessment was
> provided, and CCW removed it's objection. I am aware however that the
> Local Authority's Ecologist may have also had concerns with regard to
> local biodiversity interests and it was therefore maintained that the
> Local Authority Ecologist should be consulted for advice on this. I
> attach a copy of our response for information.

Anonymous said...

While I may have jumped the gun; the CCW (Countryside Council for Wales) is now fully aware of the nature of these planning applications for test boring for methane gas.

G Lewis