Monday, 1 August 2011

North by A470

Peter Black has an interesting post about the damage that would be inflicted on the plots of classic films by the introduction of modern technology. He cites a couple of Hitchcock movies, "Psycho" and "Dial M for Murder". Coincidentally, when I found myself in a mobile phone "shadow" in Capel Curig last week (apologies to anyone who tried to reach me then), it occurred to me that it would be easy to update "North by North-West". A latter-day Cary Grant would be lured to an inn, which would turn out to be a deserted ruin, on a lonely road in Snowdonia. With no space for a footway on either side of the road, and no chance of calling for help on his mobile, he would be an easy target for an assassin on a souped-up Zetor. ("That's odd - that tractor's baling where ain't no hay".) I haven't worked out the rest of the plot yet, but I envisage a climax on the Welsh Highland Railway, with the hero and heroine embracing as Merddin Emrys plunges into the Aberglaslyn tunnel.

As to alternatives to scissors or a telephone cord as a handy weapon in a 21st-century upper-middle-class domestic setting, what about one of those massive coffee-table books?

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Anonymous said...

Attending the National Eisteddfod and staying in the beautiful Dyffryn Ceiriog I can tell you there are no mobile connectinos there either!