Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Employment in Wales

There has been a slight rise in people claiming JSA in Wales, but, as Cheryl Gillan points out, the number employed has actually risen again.

You would think that the Labour government in Cardiff would not do anything to jeopardise this slow recovery, but the First Minister has rubbished our only international airport - and one which taxpayers are continuing to subsidise through the north-south air link.

Even worse, Labour is actively discouraging young people from travelling to work by cutting support for public transport. One of the complaints of those without their own transport (and I have heard this at first hand, not just from the pages of the Daily Mail) is that it is not worth their while coming off benefits because the only way they can commute to where the work is involves too much expense. Others currently in work may have to give up if they find that the bus they depend on no longer runs after April.

A friend who is currently investigating the link between areas of multiple deprivation and Labour representation implies that it is in Labour's interest to keep Wales in poverty. I trust that this is too Machiavellian, even for the First Minister.

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Anonymous said...

The Caerau to Maesteg Station bus link has been cut, Caerau being an area in Wales with high social deprevation, high unemployment and a Community First Area...