Saturday, 7 April 2012

Giorgio Chinaglia

I just missed Chinaglia's playing for Swansea Town. He had already been released by the Swans by the time the advance guard of DVL set up in the borough. (City status came later, in 1969.) He could well have made his mark in South Wales, but it seems that the management were unsure of his correct position and played him too often as a centre-back because of his imposing physique. As Bob Latchford was later to show, he could have thrived at the Vetch Field as a bustling centre-forward. As it was, he had to return to the land of his fathers to prove himself. What Lazio may also have done for him was to impose some discipline, as he later confessed (as this obituary by Phil Shaw records) that he spent much of his time drinking ale and winding up his fellow team members.

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