Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wrexham's electric crusade continues

LibDem-led Wrexham council has invested in two Nissan Leaf electric cars. They are to be used on day-to-day duties in the housing and environment directorates. It is clearly a pilot study. By the end of it, one hopes that  the council will be among the first customers for the British-built Leaf, scheduled to start production in February next year.


Anonymous said...

This show's vision!

glynbeddau said...

Wrexham council is not Libdem run. It's Libdem led. The Libdems are in coalition.

The Libdems have no over control over any council in Wales but are the largest party in coalition in some. (they are even outnumbered by Independents on Wrexham council

Would you say the UK government was Consevative run? I think not.

Frank H Little said...

Correction taken.