Monday, 14 May 2012

BBC Young Musician

It's always reassuring to have ones responses as an amateur critic confirmed by the professionals. Jessica Duchen echoes my feelings and more in her piece about the BBC Young Musician contest just ended. In particular, she confirms my feelings about the way Ms Barbour-Condini communicated a joy in music rather more than the other finalists :

"The most daring choice as outright winner would have been Charlotte Barbour-Condini, who made history by being the first recorder player ever to reach the final. Talk about a natural musician: Charlotte has everything - charisma, assurance, tremendous musicality, the bearing and spirit of a mature artist. At least she can reap the benefits now of national TV exposure without the pressures of having won outright; she is apparently just as good at the piano and the violin (!), so she has a little time to choose her direction. Yesterday was her 16th birthday. She will be fine - and will probably remain the most interesting of them all."

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