Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Financial certainty should encourage investment

No apologies for name-checking Liberal Democrat Voice again. There are two good pieces which put muttering idiots in their place:


Anonymous said...

On the subject of " muttering idiots " isn't it time you amended your ABOUT ME section on your blog.

MR LITTLE you are no longer Councillor for Cadoxton you were unceremoniously dumped on your backside by the good people of that ward at the recent County Council Elections. Remember ?

I would also remove your "My Councillor " website as highlighted on the Neath Ferret.

Be honest you and your party are finished.

Tuition fees and your double dealings over the "Justice 4Linda Lewis Campaign " have seen to that.

Accept it.

Your finished.

Frank H Little said...

I amended the "franklittlemycouncillor" blog profile some time ago. I will maintain it as I have not given up on returning to Blaenhonddan CC if the occasion arises. This profile has now been changed.

I don't see how increasing the majority for Labour, the group in charge when the illegal abduction took place, helps the Linda Lewis campaign.

Tuition fees are yesterday's news. Nobody mentioned them during the election campaign.