Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Petty discrimination by Dubai

The Evening Post confirms (apologies for Northcliffe Media's autoplayed audio advert) that Swansea City striker Itay Shechter was prevented by Dubai's immigration officers from joining his team-mates in a warm-weather training camp. This decision would be understandable, if still objectionable, if Dubai had a consistent policy on the subject of Israeli citizenship, but as this web page demonstrates her rulings on entry are arbitrary.

Two generations have passed since Israel became a state in its own right, recognised by the United Nations. It is high time that states within the region established diplomatic relations with Israel, as predominantly Muslim nations Egypt, Jordan and Turkey have already done. This would not signal endorsement of Israel's acquisition of land outside its agreed borders, nor prevent those states continuing to criticise Israel's illegal exercise of her military power. It would, however, enable bridges to be built with ordinary Israelis through tourism and sporting links.

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