Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Science and politics

Catch this programme while you can. It goes to the heart of the way politics (in the widest sense) treats science. By-passing the rights and wrongs of GM and climate science, it shows how what science you believe tends to depend on your political/philosophical standpoint, rather than your logically choosing which faction to support depending on how sound their approach to science is. There is some consolation in that we are less polarised here than in the States, where it seems all scientists are generally assessed as "liberals".

This was in a week when evidence was released that global sea level last year was the highest since accurate measurement began. All right, that's only twenty years ago when satellites were first there to produce the figures, but it's still at least as significant as the drop in 2011 which was seized on by Nigel Lawson and his ilk that climate change science was liberal baloney. The deniers are quiet at present, showing how selective they are when it comes to the evidence.

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